On December 30th, a wildfire swept through Boulder County in Colorado taking over 500 homes in the Superior/Louisville area just 10-15 minutes from the hotel. With winds reaching speeds of 120 mph, the fire was jumping up to 1/2 mile at a time in some instances. Upon confirming with local PD, the Aloft Broomfield Denver safely opened its doors to many displaced families. Front Desk Agents Grace, Mia and Zoe went above and beyond the call of duty helping settle families and ensuring they had basic amenties and snacks. Grace even purchased beverages for firefighters looking for something to quench their thirst. The team at the Aloft really stepped up for their community and we cannot be more proud.

Marriot Group President, Liam Brown even sent the following email to General Manager, Dan Olson:


I wanted to reach out and thank you and your Team for your heroic efforts during the catastrophic wildfires last week. I am very grateful to you and your Team, and proud of how you handled what must have been a terrifying time for all of you. Your focus on taking care of the community and providing shelter for those who needed it was exemplary.

Thank you for all you and your Team did to keep everyone safe and support those in need. It’s an impressive example of doing the right thing. Your actions are an inspiration.

Best wishes

Liam Brown"