What is Heritage week?

Fairfield has a rich heritage that makes our brand unique within the Marriott portfolio and sets us apart from our competitors. Our heritage of delivering warm hospitality, inspired by the Marriott family’s Fairfield Farm, is as much a part of our culture today as it was when the brand was founded over 30 years ago. We celebrate Heritage Week during October, which is the month the first Fairfield opened in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1987. Heritage Week is about re-grounding us in what makes Fairfield, Fairfield, and getting back to our roots. This Heritage Week Activation Guide is designed to help you create a fun, memorable, and educational experience for your team. Accompanying this guide is a Heritage Week Activation Kit that includes props, resources, and prizes to help you bring this to life at your hotel.

This week we asked our staff to write down what does the following words mean to them.

•Build Team Unity
•Warm and positive
•Show pride
•A hidden talent

After everyone filled out their passports we had them pass it around and read each other’s ideas and thoughts. One by one each staff member would read their passport and make two promises to their team and how they can improve as an individual to help better the team and our guest.  After that, we gifted all of the staff members FFI hats sent by Marriott.